Mileage Keeper Import

How do I import data into Mileage Keeper?

The general idea is that you send yourself an e-mail that contains one .CSV file for each vehicle. You then open that e-mail on your device. Touch-and-hold the .CSV attachment to pop up an action sheet. Tap on 'Open in "Mileage Keeper"' to import.

Once a vehicle has been imported, it will be a brand new vehicle which has the .CSV filename as its description. If this should replace an existing vehicle, just delete the original. You can also edit the description to suit your preference.

I'm generating a .CSV file myself, what is the exact format I should use?

There is not a perfect standard for .CSV files, but Mileage Keeper is somewhat flexible in what it will import.

I exported a .CSV file from my spreadsheet program, but Mileage Keeper doesn't import it correctly, now what?

This typically happens in regions of the world that use a comma as a 'decimal' separator. Many times spreadsheet applications will substitute a semicolon (;) for the comma as the field separator. If you are using Microsoft Windows, click on "Start, Control Panel, Region and Language, Formats, Additional Settings...". Set the "List Separator" to a comma (,) and try again.

Another common cause is the local format of dates, numbers, and currency in the .CSV file. The format must match the locale of your device. For example, if your device's - General, International, Region Format is set to United States, then dates should be in that style - MM/DD/YY.