Mileage Keeper Export

How do I export data from Mileage Keeper?

Perform the following steps:

I tapped on the Compose button and an error message popped up!

You need to have at least one e-mail account configured to send data on your device.

What if I have multiple vehicles?

Mileage Keeper will add one attachment for each vehicle to the e-mail message. For example, if you have 4 vehicles, you'll see 4 attachments. Be sure to scroll down if you don't see them.

What is the format of the attachment?

The .CSV file consists of:

My spreadsheet program doesn't import the attachment correctly, now what?

This typically happens in regions of the world that use a comma as a 'decimal' separator. If you are using Microsoft Windows, click on "Start, Control Panel, Region and Language, Formats, Additional Settings...". Set the "List Separator" to a comma (,) and try again.